Quick sketch

For the first time in many years i have been drawing outside. It was not easy but i hope that, with a bit of practise, i will get better at it. This is a quick sketch made with Ink and Watercolor pencils.

Along the River Zaan

Last week i made some photos of the Industrial Heritage along the Zaan. I’m going to make a serie (starting with 4 or 5) drawings. I want to finish them before my 2 exhibitions in Zaandam. The works will be made with Ink, Water color and Colored pencil.

Charles Barque, Drawing Course

I bought a copy of the book from Charles Bargue Et Jean-Leon Gerome: Drawing Course and started with the studies (on the left my version of “Plate 1”). I have more books about the classical drawing and painting method from the 19th century en i want to make a serious study of them. Here is