Category: Work in progress

First color layer Verkade and Douwe Egberts finished, still working on Calvé

The first color layer for the Verkade chocolate is finaly finished. The tinfoil was tough to paint. It felt like I was making an abstract painting… The tinfoil on the Douwe Egberts coffee was just as tough as the one on the chocolate. These two paintings have to dry for a while before I can

2018: The start of the Dutch brands (Hollandsche merken) series

I started on the first 3 paintings in the “Dutch Brands” series. Douwe Egberts koffie, Calvé pindakaas and Verkade reep. The first step was to apply several layers of gesso on the canvas. The second step was to make detailed drawings and tranfer them to the canvas. The detailed drawings transfered to the canvas I

Nostalgic Amsterdam #2, Broodje van Kootje, Leidseplein, 1953 is done

After many, many hours this painting is finished. After the varnish dried it went to Galerie Stam in Amsterdam. Go to the Prinsengracht 356S if you want to see it. Nostalgic Amsterdam #2, Broodje van Kootje, Leidseplein, 1953 2017 Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm Available Click here for more information and price. Below