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Group exhibition at “het Weefhuis”

I’m invited to participate in the 25th anniversary group exhibition of Tengel. Participants in the first and second weekend: Lia van Ham, Rafael Calvo Torrico, Marcel Fraii, Herman van der Hoff, Rob de Vries, Nahed Sayyad, Klaas de Boer, Joke Konijn, Philo Gregoire, Stella Burggraaf, Alice Pool, Allan de Geus, Laura van Dijk, Katrine van Klaveren,

First color layer Verkade and Douwe Egberts finished, still working on Calvé

The first color layer for the Verkade chocolate is finaly finished. The tinfoil was tough to paint. It felt like I was making an abstract painting… The tinfoil on the Douwe Egberts coffee was just as tough as the one on the chocolate. These two paintings have to dry for a while before I can